Suzanne Turner Associates

Core Services


The creative process is at the heart of the work that we do at STA. Whether we are designing a publication, a bench, a private garden, or a master plan for an industrial complex, we use the same series of steps to develop a solution—investigation of the problem in all of its aspects, analytical thinking, synthesis, and decision-making and prioritization. We approach design as a collaborative process and we often “workshop” a project in the studio. We consult with as many relevant disciplines as possible to bring as much information to the table as we can. It is the client who determines the parameters and aspirations of the project; it is the site that is the ultimate client, and ensuring its ecological and cultural integrity is paramount in all of our designs.

Cultural Landscapes

Every American locale has important cultural landscapes that define its sense of place. These are not necessarily national parks or the gardens of the elite. They may be industrial or agricultural landscapes that give a regional countryside its visual character, or they may be the places that are sacred to particular ethnic groups. STA has years of experience in research, design, and planning for cultural landscapes, and we are drawn to these kinds of projects.


Our team approaches each project contextually regarding social, ecological, environmental, and natural processes.  During the planning of a neighborhood, a parish or county, or a national park, several items provide guidance for a responsible plan:  the client and community needs synthesized with the cultural history and natural processes which occur within and adjacent to the study area.

Expanded Services